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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  January 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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came back for a second time. >> while waiting her he self sacrificing nature came out, refusing a life jacket. >> she was giving them away to elderly and people in wheelchair autos they got a shore but hadn't ruled out other options. had staying on the ship gotten more dangerous. >> my some mom said she would have done that if all elves failed. swam to shore, yeah. >> the lynchesed to wait for new passports in rome. the family thopz get on a flight back home to california tomorrow night. live in placerville abc 7 news. >> thank you. and it's now just after 2:00 in the morning in itally. as rescuers continue to search hope of finding more survivors is fading quickly now. two americans are among the 29 people who have not been seen since the ship ran aground.
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family and friends say the couple had been looking forward to the trip and praig for good news. >> and i hope our prayers are with them. >> this home videos shows a frantic scene when the ship hit rocks. the cruise line says the company, the captain, rather caused the crash by deviating from the course, possibly to wave to friends of employees on shore, he's in jail facing charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a ship wreck. passengers are calling him a coward. >> and a fast-moving fire in a mobile home park left several people without a home. sky 7 shows what happened. two homes were gutted and it was quite devastating for the folk who's lived there. vic lee is there and joins us with more. vic? it was devastating. now, you can see those two
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mobile homes were destroyed. this will be here behind me, had damage. a qarz next to that mobile home that was destroyed. fire started at 11:00 this morning and reached two alarms. and there is a fire began in the middle. blaze spread almost immediately to one on the left. the mobile home to the right had only minor damage. first, you'll hear from the sister of one of the mobile homeowner who's lives next door, next that, owner's 9-year-old daughter. >> people were screaming outside. and i'm looking over the window. and i'm like... i'm just sorry. everybody was saying get ut oit and started screaming and yelling. and she could barely breathe. >> i heard noises coming from the house.
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and i thought my neighborhood were deciding but once i went into the truck i saw flames coming out. and i got, like, worried and i was just scared. >> and now, some 15 people were just displaced from the mobile homes. the 12-year-old girl taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and we're told she's okay. the cause of the fire is reported accidental. >> thank you very much and authorities in pinole are calling a house fire suspicious. >> this is video of the fire inside recorded by a helmet cam. it shows a crew breaking a door from the garage to the interior of the house. and the rest say it started on
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the front porch. two inside able to get out just ahead of the flames. >> and on to weather. getting ready for another frigid cold night. we're in for freezing temperatures. sandhya patel with big weather warning autos that is right. it's a freeze warning from 11:00 lm until 8:00 a.m. looking at areas covered by freeze warning. there is a hard freeze warning for the straight and delta. freeze damage possible to sensitive plants. watching out for patches of ice heading towards morning. you may run into very slipper reroadways because of the patches of ice so. we're headed towards a bone-chilling cold night. taking a look at numbers down to 20 degrees in napa. 21 in fairfield. livermore, 23. santa rosa, 22. there is places like san jose dropping below freezing.
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34 in oakland. 38 in san francisco. could see record low temperatures and heading towards tomorrow morning i'll be back with a full look at the forecast, which includes a switch to a wet pattern. dan? >> thank you very much. see you shortly. on this holiday to honor dr. martin luther king people behind the occupy the dream movement made voices heard in a number of u.s. cities including san francisco, occupy the dream is comprised the religious leadsers and followers. today they demonstrated in front of several banks. we're live with what they thop achieve here. >> occupy the dream held demonstrations in 13 dis. -- cities. we want to make it clear this is not a separate movement. they'll join forces with occupy wall street that. is significant. occupy the dream made a public appearance. this is comprised the members
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of after rick minute american churches and leaders. reverend harold mayberry says they bring experience tots table. >> ook by movement is a strong movement, they just didn't have organized leadership. historically, the faith community has been involved in every social human rights movement in this count try and unlike occupy wall street, occupy the dream has been quick to put out demands, among them a moratorium on foreclosures, more dollars to fund grants for university educations. and there is a fund set up for financial institutions. >> there needs to be a change that provides he can witness yes for everybody. >> if those demands are not met pastors will ask members
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to withdraw $30 from their bank accounts. >> and in that minority owned bank. >> james tailor is a political science professionor. >> this is making the black churching forriving to african american church. >> stacy brought her daughter, rain to witness the beginning of this alliance. >> and i talked to her about how my parents and forefathers fought for me to have the opportunities i have. i want the same for her. >> and members said there will be no clashes between them and police. another interesting thing is that occupy wall street has no quote, unquote leaders but it's the pastors that are running this show.
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and they're letting followers know that they must, or at least asking them to join this movement. i'm live in san francisco. >> and some of the attending the king celebration rolled the freedom train. this is the 28 year the ride as been part of the day. once arriving in san francisco, the riders became marchers. and this is a way to memorialize the march in alabama. he would have been 83 years old, yesterday. >> the first family participated in an event. they painted famous quotes from dr. king on walls of the brown education campus. the president says there is no better way to celebration brait than to do something on behalf of other autos all of
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us can be a drum major for service, all of us can be a drum major for justice. there is nobody who want serve. nobody who can't help someone else. >> hundreds spent the day paying tribute to dr. king in washington, d.c.. the refr rend al sharpton laid a wreath next to the statue of the civil rights leader and pro claimed dr. king's dream has yet to be realized. hundreds of volunteering in tribute to dr. king. we're going to take you to he sflents a few moment autos in about an hour republican presidential hopefuls will face november a debate. and the field has been narrowed by one. utah governor jon huntsman withdrawing from the race, endorsing mitt rom nee. that is leaving conservative voters to decide who to support. the forum is in myrtle beach,
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sk srk. -- south carolina. >> and a lot more still to come at 5:00. how much would you pay fr a ticket to see niners in the nfc championship game? >> she says she saw an ad for $9,000 apiece. >> nobody is buying for that much, yet. but see how playoff fever reached new heights. >> and a proposed changes to the cal grant financial aid program. critics say will hurt low income students most. >> here, researchers say men who want to save more money may want to spend more time with women. the news continues in one minute. so, this is delicious
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trash on a hillside along san jose avenue. the department of public works sponsored similar events throughout san francisco. >> and hundreds of people paid tribute to pay tribute to the late martin luther king junior. abc 7 joins us with the story. >> well, this is just one of the many projects here where... >> instead of seeing patients today, dr. pandori picked up a paint brush. every stroke added to the beauty of the middle school. >> i'm helping paint a mural here giving out a healthy message to children in the cafeteria. eat right. drink water. >> some 300 employees from kaiser permanente painted,
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scraped and cleaned. it was a team effort on the day of service. >> dr. king was epitome of trying to improve the health of the nation. we're trying to make a special place for our kids to grow up. >> and there is another celebration. the children best describes what it is to live a live that celebrates dr. king's ledgeasy. >> this is other people to see who they feel. >> it's like helping yourself. >> this is a second year they've provided a place for families. not just to volunteer for a day, but to get involved in a few tour of doing good. >> when you get sucked in, you get sucked into doing a beach clean up. it becomes a foundation for a life of community service. >> people studying the life
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lessons dr. king shared say what happens on this day of service is a slice at the dream come true. >> and this is pleasing and so-to-see people trying to help. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> and that collective applause is well deserved when you consider about 300 kaiser employees spending about seven hours here. that makes for 2100 hours of service at the location alone. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and many people report being stricken by 49er fever. some fans went searching for whatever they can find and others may end up spending more, a lot more to see sunday's game in person.
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some sunday for a -- hunt for a deal. and others have turned to ticket brokers. >> there is a lot of friends so i hope there are a lot of tickets left. i got a lot of cute girlfriends that like me. after they won't know who i am. >> and fans hope cheers will drown out any new york giants fans who manage to squeeze into the game. >> go together game. go, giants all the way. here we go, again. so proud of the team. >> why not? some in new york called today blue monday because of the rush of people buying giants merchandise and those in the big apple call big blue. it's an exciting time. people are dressing them selfs and kids and pets in the gear these days. they're sharing pride with us via you report. and there is a great shot this, family posed for their own picture.
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4-year-old kylie ready to lead cheers. how cute is that? with 3-month-old ryan. and there is another tiny fan. and pick it up at you report on abc 7 news or e mail your photos. and would love to hear from you changes from the budget plans could make it harder for college students to get financial aid. the minimum grade point average needed could be increased from a 3.0 to a 3.5. 3.25, also proposing reducing the award amount for students attending private schools. critics say that could cut opportunities for low income stud yeents a study finds men tend to spend more money if
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they perceive a scarcity of women saying men save less, borrowing more and being more impulsive. find whk led to believe women were scarce they were willing to borough -- borrow 85% more to pend on women. they say they see behavior in other animals when phone shall mates are scarce, males become more competitive. we don't want to be seen as cheap skates. >> and sandhya patel has incredible news about this. there is change in the weather. >> big change. changes coming up by mid week. we're talking about rain. and there is a stormy pattern setting up. and there is some big changes here, snow coming to the
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sierra nevada this, is a view from our ski resort. not much snow on the ground. there is a mix of rain and snow by the mid to latter part of the week. at least a chance by wednesday. and so we need snow. it's coming and we need rain, here. enjoy beautiful weather while you can. there is clear looking west there. clear skies there is another bone-chilling cold night. this morning we tied a record. 21 in clear lake. there is 20 degrees in fairfield. sit cold enough for you? we're heading towards found tw
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two -- round two, that might mean more records towards morning. temperatures now into 40s and 50s. a cool afternoon. and freeze warning for tonight mostly sunny skies and cool tomorrow, again, rainy pattern begins wednesday night. and we'll bring it down to the rest of the bay area for thursday and continuing throughout the weekend so. by morning these lows worth repeating. 20 degrees in napa. 22 santa rosa. 21 in fairfield by morning. 26 concord, you can see there is 23 degrees in livermore. san jose, fremont, 29 degrees in morgan hill. you'll want to layer up tonight. and this is going to change. high pressure holding on. but not much longer, stormy pattern breaking through this week. jet stream going to dive down towards northern california. we'll see changes here.
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so wednesday morning high pressure barely holding on. you can see the rain line beginning to shift. and there is a mix of rain and snow towards weekend. so some wet weather headed our way throughout the weekend. it doesn't end immediately. you can see there wet pattern continues throughout your sunday. and highs for tuesday, dri. upper 40s and sunshine. and there are low to mid-50s, here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. freezing cold mornings and sunshine, temperatures into 50s and a chance of rain wednesday. and rain thursday and 49ers going to be playing giants sunday, rain likely. take gain rear with you, at least at this point. >> and you said plaichblt you
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bean beat something. >> right. >> still ahead an amazing story good timing. why crews say timing helped save a mother and her children teetering on the eej and what a way to start a marriage. from michael finney leaky washing machine causing 30,000s ndz damage to a new home and a secret settlement received. we'll be right back here. hey guys, breakfast!
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city officials in dublin are going to consider a smoking breakdown, reporting tomorrow, the city council will begin looking into setting limits on where future retailers can be located aiming to keep seller as way from places where children are present. and the city will talk about a licensing fee for retailers. in 2006 dublin became the first city to declare
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secondhand smoke a public nuisance. koit be months before voting on the latest proposal. >> today rescuers who pull aid mother and two daughters from a mangled car teetering over a 100 foot bridge retold the story. the car was left dangling after a big rig plowed night. the truck fell 100 feet down, inside, a mother and two daughters one just 10 months old. took an hour to free them with help of passing navy soldier autos when i called for a crane and ordered support to help us i looked up we had the cvs there with heavy lifts, fork lifts. amazing. it was a divine intervention at that point. >> incredible. the mother and her 10-year-old suffered moderate injuries the 10-month-old girl had barely a scratch but they survived, thank goodness. >> one of the last remaining
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signs of the holiday season about to disappear. >> the final skate for the rank and heart of san francisco. the story as we continue. stay with us. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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new tonight at 6:00 arab business leaders converge on shil convalley. the help they're looking for to build their technology future, also, anticipation. a look at why real snow about to fall couldn't come at a better time. you can call it living sculpture. after 6:30, a local artist's creation trance forming reeds and rush into a work of art coming up on the news at 6:00. right now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> and tonight is the last chance to lace up skates and hit the ice in union scare. >> holiday ice rink closing at 11:30 tonight that. is it. >> skaters of all abilities will join today, the other rink close


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